Money Solutions, Inc.

John Mincone, attorney Senior Partner at Mincone & Mincone PC, Melville, NY:

"Glenn's Hall unique skills and understanding of the entire loan process from the initial stage of determining the proper structure for the client request, to presenting  it to the lenders who prefer that loan style and bringing it to a successful closing. This surely is a result of his 35+ years in finance and the clients benefit from his background and expertise."

Mark Gentile, President of Universal Raquetball (a real estate company)

" we have only used Money Solutions / Glenn Hall for our needs. They / he streamlines the process, knows where to present the request and how the internal process works to bring your deal to a successful result."

​Thomas Rudzewick, Chief Lending Officer Maspeth Federal Savings, New York:

"The experience of the key principals at Intercontinental Money Solutions enables them to advise their clients and prepare and assemble the correct information which ultimately translates into a presentation with which  the lending community can make a quick decision."


Dominick Delio, President of  Waterboy Inc. ( an office/home water supplier)

"If you have a challenging loan or mortgage to place - you must go to Money Solutions. They will get it done, or it is not getting  done."