Raj  Chawla

Senior Vice President

Raj Chawla speaks, besides English, also Hindi, Pujabi and Gujrati, and has a long and manifold  business history.

 He began his career in 1970 with an retail electric appliance store, which he expanded to a thriving 35 million $ wholesale company.  He sold this business and ventured into catering.

Mr Chawla, opened three premier catering operations : in Great Neck, Port Washington, and in Hicksville. All the years in business as a restaurateur enormously broadened his clientele base. This in turn gave him a great opportunity  to get into the real estate business. While working with his real estate clients,  Mr. Chawla found that in order to help them better, he should assist them in obtaining business loans.  So,  in 2015 he began to place commercial loans for  his clients as well  - and this is what brought him together with Money Solutions.

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Mr. Hall is a veteran financial intermediary, having left a career in banking as Regional Manager for Long Island. There he founded Intercontinental Money Solutions, Inc.

He has held lending and supervisory positions at Chemical Bank, European American Bank, and the Citytrust. Mr. Hall has arranged literally thousands of commercial and real estate loans for individuals and corporations. He is a recognized expert in the area of financing real estate projects with full understanding of accounting, underwriting requirements, and is highly regarded in the field of creative and innovative financial structures.

Meet the Rain Makers

Glenn T. Hall

​President :

​Gennady Utchitel

Senior Vice President

Gennady Utchitel started his financial career as a licensed stock broker, trading securities, and raising investment capital for bridge loans and private placements. In 2004 however, he managed to secure a small loan for a friend, and was very pleased with the personal and tangible rewards this kind of livelihood can offer. Mr. Utchitel quit Wall Street and since then specializes in mortgage banking, guiding clients from application all the to pursue originating commercial finance clientele, we know Mr. Utchitel is the right team person way to closing. He came to this country from Eastern Europe at an early age of 17, which gives him a "5 languages" advantage understanding and dealing with lot of clients, and a drive to succeed which we so admire with our first generation emigrants. As a team leader he became a Senior Mortgage Officer during his work with companies he worked with: GFI Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Masters, Vanguard Funding. His strength is structuring commercial real estate lending requests, and working the broker/lender relationship. Because of his commercial lending experience, and his to pusue originating commercial finance clientele, we know Mr. Utchitel is the right team player for our private investment banking firm.